About Us

About Us

We are a boutique photography and cinematography team based in Las Vegas, Nevada. As we have grown over the years, Matthew created a focus on training and quality. The people in our team have been with us for years, passed training with the owner, and bring similar styles to everything we shoot. Since the owner took creative control and training with each shooter, you can expect quality service when working with any of our photographers and videographers. We create a fun, relaxed, and positive experience that capture moments that feel real. When you finish your wedding you will feel like your creative team helped to create the energy, mood, and feel of your day. Take a moment to see some of our team in action, and to meet the main team below.

“I'm so grateful for Matt and his amazing team. They make you feel so special and beautiful."

- Yari

"I highly recommend Matt…he has a great personality and really interacts with the guests."

- Lisa

"As a same sex couple, Matt was loving and respectful of us"

- Dawn and Amy

"Matt exceeded every expectation we had. He was extremely flexible, responsive, and accommodating"

- Ron

“There are only wonderful things to be said about M Place Productions and his team"

- Eva

Our Team Behind The Scenes

Our Team



One of the favorite things a bride has ever said to me is “When Matt enters the room the party starts.” I love bringing energy, fun, and excitement to peoples wedding. One of my personal focuses is on people. I make it a personal goal to learn as many names as possible and to make everyone feel important and special. My favorite thing is capturing genuine moments and creating an atmosphere that encourages people to relax and have a great time. If I'm not out shooting a wedding or editing one, you will find me at a table full of board games and friends. Well that or sneaking some time watching my favorite anime episode! Yeah I'm that guy lol.


Vice President

I like to think I am the man behind the scenes that helps to make the "magic" happen. I take care of following up on e-mails, setting up consultations, and even helping you pick out your album and prints after your wedding. I truly enjoy being able to work with people getting ready for one of the biggest day of their lives. Before joining the M Place team I was a wedding DJ and a wedding Officiant for over 6 years. When I am not in the office you can find me writing as I cover some of the professional sporting events in town on occasion.



What I love best right now is truly capturing that perfect image. I get so excited to share with you that one perfect image that is going to blow you away. I love the excitement in your eyes as you see the image I just took of you. This is one of my favorite moments in the photography experience. When I am not shooting a wedding, you will find me at home doting on my little girl or trying to escape on quick date with my lovely wife.



Growing up I loved watching movies. Visual storytelling has always been something I have been drawn to. Having the opportunity to create compelling and meaningful stories means so much to me. When I am not filming, you can usually find me at the movie theater or traveling somewhere tropical.


Lead Photo Editor



My passion has always been photography and printing. From a young age, some of my favorite memories are looking at printed images from my family’s history or my own memories with my loved ones. I want to pass that on to other families so they can share their memories with their generations to come. Freezing time is my super power. When I am not working at my passion, I am usually found doing really nerdy things. I do Renaissance re-enactment. I play dungeons and dragons. I love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney, and Nintendo games.



Before I realized that I should be doing photography full time, I was a bartender for over 6 years. I love making people laugh and have fun. Many people say that they are nervous before their shoot, but half an hour into it, they just feel like they are hanging out with a new friend. I love that I get the chance to meet so many new people and make them feel beautiful and special while capturing their important moments.



Having grown up in Hawaii and flying around the entire world as a professional surfer, I have found a true home in Las Vegas. As part of the M Place team, I love getting to tell the story of a couple’s day. I am all about the details and being creative in telling your story. When I am not on site at a wedding, you will probably find me shooting a famous DJ on the strip, or even flying across the country to shoot action sports. I find the balance in my creative opportunities brings a great level of production and energy to my wedding shoots.



Being able to help people tell their story with cinematography has been a dream come true for me. Being a Las Vegas native, the decision to tell stories has afforded me the opportunity to work with some of the most famous celebrities, influential businesses, and interesting people from around the world. If I am not trying to find a great soundtrack to add to my next edit, you can usually find me on stage singing with my band. For me, life is all about making memories and helping others around me to do the same.

Michael R


I love the word I see through my camera. Capturing the energy of a couple and showcasing their story is such unique and powerful experience. I always try to make sure I am both a calming and fun energy on your day. When I am not shooting, you will probably find me either traveling the globe or working on one of my many hobbies.


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